Find A Reliable Company For Customized PCB Design Service

There are a very few companies that offer comprehensive and quality services in the embedded system right from initializing the concept design to prototyping and mass volume production according to the customer specification. Tronicszone is one such company that offers high quality custom electronic product design, PCB design, firmware & software programming, embedded systems design, prototyping and manufacturing solutions all from a single platform ensuring low cost and fast turnaround time in their services. Their electronic products and circuits can be used in a wide variety of product applications in the electronics domain. The customers can also place orders for electronic design products according to their requirements to use in their ready to market electronic appliances or products. Though the customer is not from the electronic domain the company converts their plain English into electrical specifications to complete the product designing process without any hassles.



The company also offers PCB design service commonly known as printed circuit board which is a fundamental part of any electronic hardware part interconnecting all parts on the green board. The company takes up the job of PCB design service right from the initial layout designing to prototyping and assembling as per the customer specifications for a ready to market product. They also undertake the job as a standalone service in case the customer already has a schematic diagram that has been designed into assembled prototype. To keep the costs lower they do design with minimum parts per board to complete the project in lower costs and in reasonable time.


The company has expert team of engineers experienced in electronic design and PCB design service who regularly update themselves with the latest technological changes happening in the industry to offer up to date services to their customers. The engineers are efficient in handling single board as well as complex multi-layer and side surface mount designs without any issues. If the customer requests the company they also handle small and large scale production of the designed products right from sourcing the suitable components, inspection of parts, board assembly, functional testing, manual and automated functional checking, quality checks to ensure 100% quality and satisfaction to the customers.


Location is never a problem as the company has lots of experience in handling overseas projects, updating the customers with working photos and videos of the progress and quality of the undergoing project. They also ensure that all their electronic product designs meet approvals from FCC, CE mark, UL etc. in the industry.

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