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There are many companies that offer electronic design service. Electronic design is also called custom electronics as it includes creating a prototype, designing and developing different kinds of electronic hardware as per the requirement of the customers. The customer can let the designer know about his requirements and the electronic design is then created to suit the needs of the customer. The electronics can be customized and the electronic design process can be manipulated to suit various customer requirements. This flexibility aspect of electronic design helps in the smooth functioning of the overall workflows rather than becoming an obstacle. The standard procedure that is generally adopted is to first take the specifications from the customer. However, if the customer does not have enough knowledge of the technical aspects and technical jargon revolving around the electronics field, the company would take down the specifications in simple English. This would later be converted into technical jargon and all the electrical specifications would be laid down to start the designing process.

custom electronics design

The companies also offer PCB design service that includes starting from PCB layout to quick turn prototyping with an unimaginable speed that is beyond any of the industry standards. With PCB design capabilities being one of the core competencies of the companies, the companies have highly qualified and experienced engineers who work with the customers all over the world to deliver the right PCB design in the first time itself. The engineers are capable of creating a single sided board as well as a complex multiple layers or double side surface mount design.

Continuous training and exposure to the current technologies enable the companies to handle highly complex PCB designs that are spread across major industry verticals like automotive, industrial, Aero Space, telecom, military, medical and other consumer electronics. The companies adopt flexible working hour’s policy that enables its engineers to work with global customers at their convenience with multiple resources and the shifts run throughout the day.

embedded systems design

The engineers are skilled designing and prototyping high speed digital, mixed signal, analog and power boards. The board level, system level SI, PI, EMI/EMC and Thermal analysis are also some of the factors that the companies boast of. The engineers use innovative design methods in fin pitch micro BGA designs. The companies boast of world class prototyping facilities which can convert the logical design into a working printed circuit board within no time. The companies also perform strict quality checks and also ensure that the extreme turnaround time challenges are met as per the customers’ requirements. Checkout for the best company offering these services in best quality and low cost to meet electronic design and prototyping needs.

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